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My VHS copy has the suggested retail price of $79.99

This has long been one of my favorite comedies. Hell I dare say Dan Aykryod has been in the majority of my favorite movies of all time. Ghostbusters, Trading Places, Tommy Boy, I pronounce you Chuck and Larry, Celtic Pride, Indiana and the Temple of Doom, Blues brothers, and Doctor Detroit. Tom Hanks also has a impressive resume. The two were comic Gold, I wish they had made a sequel. But the reason I decided to right this, I broke out my old VHS player to show this movie to my teenage kids (I am 42). They loved it, but my son pointed out the back of the box said suggested retail price $79.99! I forgot when I was a kid, VHS tapes were friggin $80! I remember the movie companies were afraid that VHS would kill the movie theater business. Which ironically caused the opposite effect, the movie theater business has boomed since the inception of home video. So next time you bitch about a $1.00 movie rental, our first VHS player (1984) was $400 (which would be like a $1000 now) and to buy a video they were $80 (which is like $150 today. Now I spend about $30 a month for netflix, hulu plus, and amazon prime. Oh how the times have changed, so much for the better :)


I have a vague memory of my parents buying War Games on VHS for about $70ish. It seems like prices should have fallen a bit by 1987 though. I remember buying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1990 for $20-$30.

I think movies were really expensive for video rental stores. About $90 or so but dropped in price for a general consumer release a bit later.

Nowadays movies have a street date.


I remember much like what indie says. You could buy movies early from video rental places at really inflated prices (around $100 for most) but if you waited for the public release the price was much lower <$25. Its possible that all prices were much higher in the mid 80's but I know the prices were not that by the late 80's.