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Has anyone got the lyrics too City Of Crime?

I think the song is so bad it's funny in a cheesy kind of way does anyone have the lyrics?


I'm pretty sure they actually sing (or "rap") them in the song. If possible, always try to listen to the song first when you want to know the lyrics to the song.

I know they say "goat" in one of the lines, if that helps.




heres a link to the song, if that helps.

I guess i could record the lyrics one by one by looking than pausing. Might post it tomorrow, if I decide to do it.


I don't know if anyone ever answered your question. But as a Dan Aykroyd fan I got pretty much hooked on everything he did, which includes this movie. I went nuts when I found this song. So what I'll do here is try to write the lyrics from memory and you can check them if you want.

See that, Streebek?
We're just in time.
We have stumbled into a major crime.

They got the girl all frightened!
Now that's not nice.
I think she is the subject of a sacrifice!

Buddy, we're puttin' this party on ice.

But first you know we really ought read 'em their rights!

Read 'em their rights.
Read 'em their rights.

Well, I'm here tonight to rap about your rights
Cause right now, you're in trouble!
Don't have to say nothin' at all
Y'all got two calls
And you better make 'em on the double!

This is a city of crime
Don't step out of line.
This is a city of crime
You'd better be praying your judge is kind

You're a dangerous mob and it is our job
To bust you all for being violent
While we are here, let's state it clear:

You have the right to remain silent!

Well, excuse me, copper
Mr Crimestopper
What is wrong with what we're doin'?
We just like to dance in our goatskin pants
Around this ancient ruin.
Now it's not so funny that it costs big money if you ever have to hire a lawyer.

It's my duty to inform you and my pleasure to warn you

We'll provide one for ya!


This is a city of crime.
Don't step out of line.
This is a city of crime.
You're looking at seven to nine!

Now you know what you've been doing is a serious crime

And you'll probably be doin' some serious time!

In case you might be worried about the friends you'll lose...

At least they get to see you on the evening news!

It's a new sensation.

We go down to the station.

We're gonna ask you some questions.

And have some refreshments!

What is your full name?
What were you doing on January 15th of this year?
All we want is the truth, mister.
What is the purpose of your PAGAN organization?

Whoa, you can't pin nothing on me, copper!

Well excuse me, excuse me
Don't use, abuse, or refuse me.
It's no joke, I'm broke
But my rights I can and will invoke
I'm homely
And I'm lonely
But the state cannot disown me.
It ain't funny, I might want money
To take home to my honey.

This is a city of crime.
Don't step out of line.
This is a city of crime
Where an honest man [minion?] is hard to find.

In case you don't agree with my methodology, I like to do things my way

Don't get memory loss about who's the boss.

Don't forget, my name is Friday.
I'm the man of the hour.

A tower of power!

I'm the arm of the law.

The very last straw!

I'm on the side of the right.

A genuine white knight!

If you get me uptight, I am a

Frightening sight!

I'm as strong as the army.

Nothing can harm me!

Comin' down like a hammer!

Get ready for the slammer!

Could be wrong and I'm sure you can find it now. But just in case someone wanted it printed here, I'm pretty sure that's right.