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It was stupid. Also not a slasher ***spoilers***

There were so many potholes, and plot conveniences in this film that I couldn't take it seriously.

A fit young woman unable to defend herself from two old blokes, one who is disabled, which in the end she runs away from, and hides in the attic, whilst he is staggering up the stairs trying to chase her, she could've waited for him and pushed him down the stairs.

She had most of the clues in her hands, as well as knowing that something wasn't right with the whole scenario, especially burning all her personal things from her purse in the fire.
She still did all the dumb things no normal woman would ever do, like run out the house with just a blanket round her.

They were both unarmed, the one was disabled so he wouldn't be able to do anything to her, so she could have tackled the other old bloke, beating him with the poker, till he submitted into either taking a back into town, or given her the keys to the car. They wasn't professional criminals, not part of a crime syndicate, they were two old blackmailers, thinking they could pull off this bizarre crime.

Also this is not a slasher film, as 88 films claim, or a horror film, it's a slow burner thriller, that really isn't thrilling.