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Question about end of movie (may contain spoilers)

At the end of the movie, once Carson is knocked out and Bernie's dog groomer friend is watching over him, Bernie and Ray are walking away down a path when all of a sudden she leaps into his arms as he protests and makes him fall to the ground. What was she doing? Was this an act of flirtation, like her preparing to pin him down and have her way with him? I think she grabbed his a$$ right before she jumped onto him. Was she being serious or was she just kidding around with him? What do you think is going to happen next?

Throughout the whole movie they are kind of flirty with each other but it seems like the most unlikely couple in the world (he's married and far older than her and most of all, he's trying to blackmail her).


I think she was just playing.

But I didn't know what to make of Ray, he always struk me as an @sshole all throughout the movie, but at the end he seemed OK.

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