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The guy who was blackmailing Bernie *Should we like him or hate him?*

I'm not really sure how we are supposed to take Frank or Ralf *Or whatever is name is, I forget right now*

Are we supposed to see him as a villain or an OK guy?

He is blackmailing Bernice through the film and even gets physically abusive with her, and even turns her in to the police.

BUT it seems like they also flirted throughout the film and at the end he tries to help her and they had some major flirtatious moments at the end, like when she jumped astraddle of him.

Are we supposed to like him or hate him?

Question your prejudices.



It's pretty obvious, just like in the books, that whatever else Ray Kirchmann may be, he's definitely an *beep* While he usually manages to help Bernie out, he's also always got his hand out for whomever can put money into it. So, no, I don't think he's meant to be a sympathetic character.



Like to hate him.