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This would be hillarious!! Bernice meets Terri.

This is long, but it's a movie idea I had.

"Bernice meets Terri"

I remember in this movie the man who ran the pawn shop, suggested that Bernice go to New York to see if a coin was worth anything. Immagine this; Bernice, being blackmailed for money, goes to New York to get a coin evaluated, and somehow hears that a woman named Terri Dolittle *Whoopi's character from Jumpin Jack Flash* works at a bank and actually has a coin that's worth a lot. Bernice suspects that Terri is well-to-do and can afford being burglarized, andplus she has to to keep satisphy her blackmailer, so she breaks into Terri's appartment. Terri catches her and starts beating Bernice with her giant toothbrush and Bernice is like, "WTF, are you crazy keeping something like that around?!" Bernice pulls a gun on Terri, but Terri having all the espionage exerience she has had with Jack and all the events from Jumpin' Jack Flash, wrestles the gun from her, they have a scuffle, but after a while they stop to talk and realize they are pretty similar. Bernice sees how well Terri handles herself, as Terri explains that she's had a lot of experinces and explains that she had to help a captured spy who was being held by international terrorist and she's had to outwit everyone from the CIA to the FBI and tells her she is very good with computers, Bernice knows NOTHING about computers and is very impressed and she tells Terri she could use a partner like her to help her with her burglaries and offers to split everything with her. Terri would have the book smarts and Bernice would have the street smarts. Bernice and Terri become partenrs in "crime" they pull off a few burglaries, With Terri using her computer skills to track people through their computers and transfering money out of their accounts and finding out all about people so they can pull off a burglary and Terri would be the lookout while Bernice does the actual HANDS ON burglaries. They get enough to pay off Bernice's blackmailer, and Terri with her computer smarts is able to hack into Bernice's blackmailer's computer and links him to the police and he gets busted. Finally Terri gets tired of the life of crime, and convinces Bernice to go straight, and Terri helps get Bernice a job at the bank and they both drive Mr. Paige nuts.

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Whoopi in a double role. Nice!


I'd love to see it since these were 2 of my favorite Whoopi movies.

I think Denise would hate mr paige as much as Terri did lol

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