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This is the sequel to Jumpin' Jack Flash!!

I did come up with the story of Whoopi's character Terry meeting her other character Bernice, but that can't happen b/c they are the SAME person!!!

Shortly after the events of Jumpin Jack Flash, some spies, still out for Terry's blood set out to find and kill her, so she changes her entire name from Terry to Bernice and her whole identity and moves across the country from NY to San Fransico, CA. and takes on an entire new life.

But she soon falls upon hard times, she does manage to find work in a used book store, but it pays nothing close to her past job at the bank, falling upon MORE hard times, she results to petty theft and ultimately BURGLARY! She works at the bookstore by day ~where she becomes best friends with Carl who runs a pet grooming place next door~ And burgles by night.

Create a society in which you would like to live, not knowing what you're going to come into it as.