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Blu Ray review plus Vestron memories

Tune into Horror Society presents Flesh Wound Radio at a special start time Thursday, October 6th at 1am EST / Wednesday, October 5 at 10pm PST as we kick off the Halloween season with reviews of the first two films in Lionsgate's Vestron Blu ray series. First up we have Jim Wynorski's sci-fi/horror classic Chopping Mall, followed by the cannibalistically campy 80's fave Blood Diner. We will also be discussing the rich history of the Vestron label. In addition to that the depravity continues with a pair of dvd's from Wild Eye Releasing, including the gory pov action horror extravaganza Hotel Inferno, as well as the disturbing new psychological horror flick Consumption. All that plus a review of this year's Netherworld Haunted attraction in Atlanta. Don't miss it Flesh Wound Freaks and make sure you follow Horror Society on Twitter, join the Flesh Wound Radio FB page, and download us on itunes and Stitcher.