Saddest moment(s)?

Which moment or moments in this movie did you think were the saddest?

Personally, I thought the saddest moment in this movie was the one where Frank Inn comes down in the helicopter and calls out for Benji, who just so happens to be at least twenty feet away from him. But Benji doesn't heed his master's calls because he doesn't want to abandon the cubs to certain death. And Frank goes back into the helicopter and flies off. I thought that was the saddest moment in this movie.

Anyway, what say the rest of you?


I cry all the way through it, but yes, I agree that is THE WORST moment for me.

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Yeah, I'd have to say that part was sad, and also the part where the little cub gets snatched up by the hawk (eagle?). But I always get choked up at the end- it's so bittersweet, Benji leaves the cubs with their new mama, and he seems so sad to leave them, and they seem kind of sad to see him go. How the heck do they get the animals to have those facial expressions??


I cried through that whole dang movie.

1. When the cub gets snatched up and Benji tries in vain to save it.
2. When Benji nearly falls off the cliff and is holding on for dear life.
3. When his master calls out for him and you can see how BADLY he wants to go with him.
4. When he finally finds the mother cougar and she tries to leave, he looks like he is begging her to stay and take the cubs, after all he did for him. Just the way his face looks is heartbreaking.

Dammit, I'm tearing up just thinking about it and I haven't seen this movie in years!


I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid, and I won't watch it now. I don't even really remember much of it, just the scene that you're talking about when the helicopter leaves without Benji and how the movie used to make me cry. I'm getting sad just thinking about it!


This film is the First Blood of animal movies, so some parts were sad, but most scenes listed above weren't real tear-jerkers for me. Sad parts were definitely when the hawk takes the cub, and when Benji has to make the decision that he has a responsibility to the cubs rather than return to his master just yet.

But Benji... god, that dog is like Rambo! An action hero with very little (or no) dialogue.

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i saw this movie on some random channel when i was about 10..
the part where the cougar kitten gets snatched up by the eagle did some serious damage to me.

my mom came home later and i ran to her crying "the kitten could escape right?"
lol i am the kind of person who cries more when animals die than humans...
i refuse to watch this movie anymore because i cry for pretty much the whole thing! :[[


I remember this movie was pretty much banned in the house when we were kids because my sister and I cried the whole way through it the first time we rented it - I'll never forget the kitten being taken by the hawk even though I barely remember much else of the movie. I'm tearing up thinking about it now!

I'm like you dorkasaurus, I cry far more over animal deaths in films!

Next time I need a good cry, I may go look for this, but I haven't actually seen it since that one occassion during my childhood.



That part with Benji looking from the helicopter to the cubs to the helicopter and letting it fly off nearly got ME...and I don't cry at films!