The original Benji movie in 1974 starred Higgins as Benji. Then starting in 1977 with "For the Love of Benji," Benji was played by Higgins' daughter Benjean, up through and including here in "Benji the Hunted."

There seems to be a lot of information about Higgins available. He even has his own Wikipedia page. But there doesn't seem to be a lot of information available about Benjean. I've always found this odd, especially since Higgins only played Benji that one time in the first movie, whereas Benjean played Benji in several movies and TV shows for 10 years. It seems that Benjean would deserve to have her own Wikipedia page also, instead of just getting a footnote saying "daughter of the original Benji."

Higgins was wonderful in the first Benji movie. But Benjean is wonderful too.

"Benji the Hunted" was Benjean's last Benji movie. Joe Camp said she was doubled in some scenes because she was getting to be quite old at the time they made this movie. Frank Inn said that when filming "Benji the Hunted," Benjean, three of her brothers, and four of Higgins' grandchildren were all on set -- in total, 8 dogs all descended from the original Benji.

Out of all of them, Benjean's sweet face always steals a special place in my heart.