Biiiiiig honkin' plot hole

During his interrogation, the cops accuse Steve Guttenberg of having gone to the bar where the blond girl was dancing (and where the waitress dumped the beer on him) the same night Elizabeth McGovern was assaulted.

Except this doesn't make any sense. Guttenberg's bar visit took place one or two nights after McGovern was assaulted -- indeed, after the cops brought him in for the line-up.

It was right after the line-up that Guttenberg followed the red-headed killer to the bar.


I'm actually surprised that executive-producer Robert Towne -- a bona fide genius -- let this plot hole get through.


Except they don't. They accuse him of not having told he went out after witnessing the assault deep in the night (which he did to escort his lover to the car, but his neighbor only saw him as he returned, alone, around three am). The first victim, unseen in the movie, was killed after the assault.

They then accuse him of having been where the second victim was dancing on the table while noone remembered the real killer.

Movie is average, averagely enjoyable, but this isn't a plot hole.