This movies sucks

I mean really, man; how could anyone give this anything past a one star rating, and a big SUCKS?

It sucks bad. Guttenburg as the leading man? His acting: LAME. Plot, overly cliched hackeneyed garbage. Not a thriller; a WANNABE thriller. Have any of you ever watched Alfred Hitchcock movies? How about knock offs? I've seen cartoons that were more believable than this garbage. How about the one where Tom grabs a big thing of TNT and it explodes, and then his face is black, and he shakes his head, and in the next scene he's normal again, and chasing Jerry? MUCH more realistic.

This movie totally and completely SUCKS.

And don't get me started on that soundtrack.

It's called a BRAIN. ~USE IT!


I disagree.i love the soundtrack and i love the film.I also love Brad Greenquist ,who played Henderson ; ).He is brilliant in this film.I think all the main actors did well in this film


It's as believable as Hitchcock.

Watch your neighbor when he buries his killed wife in the backyard! (REAR WINDOW)

An elderly woman defeats a huge gang of spies, alone (A LADY VANISHES)

A factory worker pursues spies across the whole USA while being falsely accused and hunted by the police (SABOTEUR)


It grows more incredible as it goes on, but it has a good premise that I stayed around to see how it all turned out. Thinking it over it could have been much better. At least it was diverting for a while and I, like everyone else I'm sure, can think of far worse films that are truly deserving of 1 or 2 stars:Rollercoaster, I Am Legend, Skyjacked, Killer of Sheep, Exorcist II:The Heretic...You are right Guttenberg and Huppert have no chemistry.


I loved this movie when I first saw it in 87 or 88, in fact when I saw it listed on showtime today at 2:30 PM I set my DVR to record it. I will see if my opimion has changed after 20 years but right now it is one of my all time favorites


If you think 'Killer of Sheep' and 'The Heretic' are only worthy of 1 or 2 stars (out of TEN?!) then it is because you didn't understand them.
Just as the OP doesn't understand this one.

Re: "You are right Guttenberg and Huppert have no chemistry."

So what? Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly have little to no chemistry in 'Rear Window', also. It doesn't matter here as much as it did in that movie.
That wasn't supposed to be the "Romantic" relationship in this movie. That Guttenberg's character made the one big idiotic decision that got the plot ball rolling, was the point of Huppert's femme fatale character. She served her purpose as the mystery woman/boss's wife that was coldly using the chump for sex.

He had oodles of chemistry with Elizabeth McGovern, and that was by far the most important male-female relationship in the movie. That is the proper comparison to Stewart-Kelly in 'Rear Window'.


Definitely started with a good premise, and then it became implausible once Guttenberg takes things into his own hands and crashes the ballet... then when he concocts the plan with Elizabeth at the end was too much.


Guttenberg was horrible, I agree.

I'm the saddle.


Actually he was one of the only good points in the movie, Huppert is a pitiful actress, which would explain the lack of chemistry. You idiots really have to separate actors from past characters. If you can't handle the fact that Guttenberg does more than freakin' comedy roles than you're the one with the problem, and the lack of taste considering your "selection" of faves - can't say I'm surprised.


It had me sort of interested until Guttenburg is about to go to sleep on Elizabeth's couch & she comes in wanting sex. That was too preposterous to believe. She has been through a traumatic event & she is pissed at him to boot & she just decides "she can't sleep" and wants him? Gimme a break!

Of course any guy would go for her but the whole premise just stunk things up. If they had tried to more slowly develop a relationship maybe, but not like this!

It was already getting kooky when he waltzes into a ballet w/o anyone asking him for a ticket (and how was he able to park in front of the building? Did he have handicap plates?). Then he rushes back in and finds the killer stabbing Mrs Wentworth (of the famous 877-CASH-NOW commercial I'm sure).

The killer was also parked right behind him (amazing isn't it?) & when he rushes back in he gets accused of the killing. Why hadn't the lady made it back to her seat by that point? She had clearly seen the killer so she wouldn't stand still for him. She is such a rich type he'd make any usher seat her anyway (of course the killer convinces her to remain standing? No way. She's not going to stand up there like that).

And then he runs and manages to get away from a crowded theater & no one checks the girls apartment. Dumb cops, dumb/stupid ballet ushers for not asking to check tickets and dumb movie.


Yeah, the whole second half undermines what began as a smart, ingenius, neo-Hitchcockian suspense film.

But the idiocy in the last 50 minutes is just staggering... from characters seeming to get the movie's own timeline wrong (watch everyone -- including Guttenberg -- saying Guttenberg went to the "Hyperactive" bar just a few hours after the McGovern assault. Say what?? No. Guttenberg went there 2 or 3 days later, after the police lineup)... to the ridiculous ballet scene... to, yeah, the equally absurd love scene between Guttenberg and McGovern... the list goes on.

My theory: The first half of the film was written by clever professionals. The second half by junkies.


There were loads of this kind of thrillers coming out in late 1980's/early 90's and while this ain't amongst the best of them, it isn't quite amongst the worst, either. Guttenberg is terrible as the lead and the dialogue generally unnaturally stilted, but the suspense sort of holds up until the predictable finale. A very forgettable, unremarkable little number.

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