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A New Version of Older Suspense Films

Hey folks,

If you had dropped any number of older actors from the 1940s and 1950s into this script, it could have been considered along with several Hitchcock, John Huston, Howard Hawks and other film of the time. No, I would not mistake Guttenberg for Bogart or Jimmy Stewart, but Bogart was not Stewart, and Stewart was not Bogart. Each was their own actor, and I think Guttenberg also stand alone like they. With Guttenberg, his star simply did not rise as far as many other actors. That does not, however, mean Guttenberg is without serious acting credentials. Most folks today would consider Paul Newman a pretty good actor in his time. However, I remember in the 1950s when many critics considered him a poor substitute for many of the older actors. Over the following decades, Newman made it a lot further than Guttenberg, but to suggest that Guttenberg was a poor actor is missing the barn by about twelve yards.

Forget all the plot holes suggested on several threads. All films have plot holes to one extent or another. This was a good solid suspense film that reminded me of good solid suspense films of my youth.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile


All films have plot holes to one extent or another.
Maybe. But this whole film relied on character stupidity. It's like a version of ex-machina, for the entire length of the movie.


I would say that the egregious character (and screenplay) stupidity doesn't arrive until the second half.

In fact, the first 50 minutes of this film are actually wonderful.

Then, alas, the whole thing goes off a cliff.


Aside from all other references, as soon as I got the Vertigo vibe, my knees went a little weak . So yeah, definitely.

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