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Love the video tapes in the Pirate skit.

Best one being Police Squad: The Movie.

Which at the time of filming was actually being developed into a movie...

And so, God came forth and proclaimed widescreen is the best.
Sony 16:9


It was cool seeing inside that chest.  &


OK, here are all the titles in the chest, including a couple that I haven't been able to decipher, even with a DVD player set on zoom. My notes are in italics.

Top row:

"The Golf Course That Dripped Blood"

Cleopatra Schwartz (also in "Kentucky Fried Movie")

[Title illegible, at least for me; M*A*S*H might be in there somewhere)

"Free The Zombies" starring Olson & Johnson

Marilyn Monroe in "Something [illegible]"

Bottom row:

Hitler's Home Movies

"See You Next Wednesday"

The Tonight Show 1962-1969

"Deep Throat" Screen Tests

"The Air Circus"

Walt Disney-- To Be Played 2 [?] Years After His Death

Laurel & Hardy "Rogue's Song" -in color- [two copies]

Crusader Rabbit-- The Early Years

"Casablanca" Outtakes

Reckless Youth [in this movie]

"Police Squad!, The Movie"

"See You Next Wednesday" [again]

Orson Welles "The Other Side Of The Wind"

Whoever (John Landis?) went to all the trouble of creating those titles must have hoped some viewers would spot them-- but back then, on VHS and an old-style CRT TV, they would've been pretty difficult to read! Has anyone out there been able to decipher the two titles I couldn't make out? Maybe we'll have to wait for the Blu-Ray...

BTW, William Marshall ("Blacula") makes a helluva pirate captain.