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Fond memories of this don't hold up

If you watch this sober, good luck. It's a pale shadow of "Kentucky Fried Movie."

It has its moments. David Alan Grier and Ed Begley Jr. seem to know what they're doing.

Otherwise, like I said, stock up on the booze.


How right you are.

I saw this on video about 20 years ago and was crying with laughter. Watched it again tonight and... oh dear.

'Son of The Invisible Man' and 'Blacks Without Soul' still hit the bullseye but the rest of it is rubbish.

Ah well...


I think it holds up, but yeah some of the segments are filler and rather dated but in my opinion, the same could be said of The Kentucky Fried Movie. I try to watch both as a double feature.

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Although I like both films, "Amazon Women..." is much better, IMO. It's one of the only films I can watch over and over and still really enjoy it.


It is kind of a dull film.


Watched it again after many years and it was still funny. Used to rent it a lot when I was a kid.