Film Shorts

Hello everyone,

I would like to write something profound about Alien Predator here...but this is pretty hard to do (although the bloody-nosed waitress was sort of original). So it seems that the most interesting thing going with this board currently is the discussion on the Horror Film Shorts. So, I thought I'd just start a new thread in that regard. Anyhow,

I just discovered this.....;topic=123600.0

Apparently our "fishing short" is from Escapes (1986) and is called "Something's Fishy".

Here is the list I have so far of Shorts that ran on USA in the 80's and 90's:

Something's Fishy
Panic (1978)
The Dummy
The Contraption
Living Dolls (mannequins)
Coffee Break

Missing Titles...
stalked in a deserted grocery store
version of Open Window (Saki)
pizza delivery boy
man and the snake

There is another Horror Film Short I remember from when I was young that is driving me crazy. I saw it either in the late 80s or early 90s on television. It also may NOT have been on the USA network. Anyhow, it involves a family who discovers that they are trapped inside their house. The doors, windows, etc. are all bolted shut. When they turn on the TV, there is a symbol on it and a tone. The telephone yields the same tone as well. I think they eventually tried to use their car to crash through the garage door and it didn't work. I also then remember slime oozing down their chimney and coming into the house and that's all I remember. I would love to see this again, does anybody remember it?