Most attractive...

...woman to appear in Morse? Just a silly thread. my choices:

Arabella from Twilight of the Gods (played by Rachel Weisz)

Kay from The Daughters of Cain (played by Amanda Ryan)

Michelle from Ghost in the Machine (played by Irina Brook)

Angie from Last Bus to Woodstock (played by Holly Aird)

Phillipa Lau from Driven to Distraction (played by Carolyn Choa)

Nicole from Death of the Self (played by Francis Barber)

EDIT: Barbara from Second Time Around (played by Adie Allen).


Liz Hurley was on too, in Last Seen Wearing. And some attractive men over the years, such as Sean Bean in Absolute Conviction, Rupert Graves in Happy Families, Tom Wilkinson in Infernal Serpent. I just started the series over from the beginning for the nth time so I'm reading the boards.