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A question about the last shot in part 4 , please answer ...

I read a lot of reviews and it's still too ambiguous to me ( as it's meant to be )
But I can't quite recall anyone highlighted the last shot in the movie where a man appears out of nowhere fits " physically " with the woman who isn't the one who later on that episode was pointed out as Anka's mother by Michal , but whatever the part of this photo wasn't really there , however what's your exact thought about this shot I would deadly like to know!? .. my thought is that MR.Krzysztof KieĊ›lowski explained at that very end that he's just someone who knew her mother apparently as a friend and a lover but he wasn't really her father I think that was the point from the last shot just to make it very obvious who the father is , to backup this theory I just want to say how likely it's that Michal isn't her father depending on other scenes
- Almost all the episode long shows how doubtful it's from the two of them to believe that they're really a DAUGHTER and a FATHER , * Sexually attracted to each other at least from one side * Spiritually absolutely nothing there is ( Until the last 7 minutes ) ! it's about them doubting each other even psychologically .
- The last scene , Anka reading the message or what's left of it , saying ""My dearest daughter, I have something important to tell you. Michal is not..." another clue that he really isn't her father ! I mean what are the chances of finding the very same words used in almost every similar situation ! (Even in the last scene when she tried to straight everything back the way it was she doubted and read the leftover from the burning message )
Extra note : I love this series ! I've reached this episode so far and I'm loving it , it's so significant , dynamic dramatically beautiful and influential gets you thinking really hard about a lot of stuff .

Another question !
I just saw Episode 9 ("Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife")
Just curious ! is the commandment "Thou shalt not commit adultery" connected to this episode too ? I mean could the ninth episode be about that commandment too ? cause I think so , If not , why ?

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