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Dekalog was made to piss off people with obsessive-compulsive disorder

The ten episodes are supposed to be based each on one commandment, but some of them focus on multiple ones.
Milk appears in several episodes as a leitmotif, but not in all of them.
Every episode has a different cinematographer, except for #3 and #9, which were shot by the same guy.
In every episode there's supposed to be a mysterious God-like character observing other characters, but again, he doesn't appear in two of them.


life itself isn't really known for catering to our every whims tbh


Irrelevant. Life wasn't created by anybody, whereas Dekalog was created by Kieslowski. He either didn't care to cater to my every whim, or his intent was specifically to piss me off. If the first case is true, it would make me indifferent to Dekalog. If the second case is true, suddenly I feel a strong desire to hate it out of spite! >:((

Anyway, I'm indifferent to it, but obviously not because of the reasons expressed in the OP.