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Quick question: what's the frame rate?

I was about to (finally) buy this movie and almost ordered the Region 1 set, but then it occurred to me that this was a European television film, so maybe, like Berlin Alexanderplatz, it was filmed in PAL 25 fps. In that case only the Region 2 set would be in the correct speed.

Can anybody confirm if this was shot in 25 or 23.976 fps?

PS: IMDB should really provide this information for every movie/show, in, say, the technical specs section or something.


I can tell the difference between 16 fps (old silent movies) and 24 fps (current north american movies.) I can usually even tell the difference between 14 fps (hand cranked extra slow) and 18 fps (hand cranked extra fast). But without some mechanical aid (stopwatch, clock, etc.), I cannot tell the difference between 24 fps and 25 fps.

I get R2/PAL 25 fps DVDs and play them on my Region Free DVD player here in Massachusetts all the time. They look just fine; in fact if somebody else selected the DVDs I couldn't even tell which was which.

I think it's a pretty safe bet that everything made for European TV was shot at 25 fps. But who cares?????


Some people, such as myself, can tell the difference. I can sense right away if something I'm watching is a LITTLE too fast or slow. As a musician, the slight off-keyness is also apparent to me. That's why I'm very anal about getting movies and shows in their correct speeds. You're right, most people wouldn't notice, but some do.

I did discover my answer though. It turns out, unsurprisingly, that PAL speed is the correct one for the Decalogue. Even better though, apparently even NTSC sets are PAL ports, so no matter what version I get, I wouldn't have to worry about the frame rate. phew




For anyone looking to get the Blu-ray set, the Arrow set in the U.K. plays at the correct speed of 25fps. As far as I know the Criterion set plays at 24.


This was filmed in 35mm, full gate, at 24fps.

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