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The bias writing of the Bold and The Beautiful

The bias writing of the bold and the beautiful when will it stop? How much more can Bell ruin the Tridge's family? He has been totally unfair with the Thomas character he has received the worst backlash in the Beth drama when he wasn't even there to begin he was in NYC raising his son with Caroline. He found about it last minute. Meanwhile Reese, Flo, Zoe and Xander haven't being punished like Thomas and they have known from the beginning but Hope and Brooke are taking their anger on Thomas by wanting to steal his son.

What's making me mad is how Bell is ignoring the fact Douglas has a family the Forrester's at this point this is getting frustrating and tiring and people have had enough I truly hope CBS is in control of things and have seen fans getting tired. How can Brooke and Hope one family win all the time? Make it seen. Characters are supposed to lose some and win there has to be a balance. Its suck both Tridge kids are single parents but are successful in business meanwhile Hope gets everything. After everything the Forrester's have done for Brooke and they didn't even have to take Deacon Sharpe's daughter but they did and gave her everything even her stupid line and this is how she is repairing them by stealing their grandson? Like I am tired I am not going to watch I am taking a break because this is too much.

Steffy's character is not even allowed to have a love interest and she is beautiful, kind, strong, independent, hardworking she should have men go after her and not Hope whose character is bland never takes responsibility for her actions, she is pathetic and childish. Can't fight her own battles can't even stand up to her own mother. Steffy has stood up to her mother, father and brother many times and doesn't let anyone control unlike Hope.

Hope is not neglecting her own daughter and focusing on another person's child. Ridge left his family for a woman who hates his children now see they are suffering and his wife wants to steal his grandson from his son. Kelly is suffering because Brooke and Hope resent Kelly for being Liam's first child and not Hope. Was it worth it Ridge? Your kids and grandkids are suffering in the hands of your evil wife and her daughter. Kelly is an after thought. Hope and Brooke must suffer the consequences of their actions but how far will Bell let them fall? He needs to let them fall so that they can be humble and evolve as characters and make them realize that they can't always get what they want.

If anything happens to Thomas , I hope Ridge and Steffy come with fire blazing I think Hope's triumph in getting Douglas will be short lived. I see the Forrester's getting Douglas in the end. A change needs to happen balance and enough of the bias writing.