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Fans Are Welcome At My Boards



Fan Boards: (Not finished yet.) (Not finished yet.) (Not finished yet.)
How To Become A Memeber: PM me here if you have a problem.


This board was suggested to me:

I'm not a member there yet, but I plan on checking it out.

Here is a forum with threads where boards are advertised:


My co-Admin at Whoosh's message boards is on Staff at Runboard, and she and a few other staff members there will do whatever they can to help newbies set up a board.

The Support Board: <--- Post here for help. Mention you're refugees from IMDb and I'm sure she'll be extra helpful in appreciation of you choosing Runboard as your board provider.

The Runboard Directory: <--- This board is where you can create a thread to advertise your new board. Just scroll down to: "Please List & Advertise Your Board In Any Relevant Category" Also mention in your thread that you're an IMDb refugee so that others from IMDb can find your board.

You can PM me, or contact me on my guest boards once these boards are gone, if you're having problems signing up, etc. I have my contact links in my profile.


I've seen these links posted on various boards: