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Hated the ending [Spoilers]

I couldn't stand Don. He was self-absorbed and cared only about Julia's looks. Even her best friend Loni the model could barely hug the "new" Julia.

At the end Don yells at her for trying on her old clothes - "Why are you doing this to ME?" - like it's all about him. He calls her an "experiment" and storms out. Then after she comes home from seeing Jack and Timmy, Don doesn't even apologize. He just says, "Don't ever leave me," which only shows his insecurity about being alone.

The look on Matthew's face as Julia and Don walk away was heartbreaking. They should have had Julia leave Don to learn to be independent, and then realize she needed Matthew because it was obvious he was in love with her.

Oh well... :)

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I totally agree. I think Don had spent most of his adult life around models and beautiful women (since he worked as a photographer shooting models) and he was basically "brainwashed" into believing a woman's looks were what they were all about. It appeared to me that he had difficulty seeing beneath the surface. He probably had never looked twice at any woman that wasn't a "model type" and would never even consider having anything to do with any woman that wasn't that "type." Mary Frances (now Julia) of course was not that "type" and he DID have a difficult time accepting this. I really have a hard time believing that they went on to have a "happily ever after" life once she came home for good. I just couldn't buy into it that he would truly be happy with her with her new looks - she just wasn't his type. I could see him eventually tiring of it and wanting to find another beautiful woman. I also agree with you that "Julia" should have been able to have the time to be alone and decide what was really right for her. I think she had to make too many decisions too fast. Matthew was probably the right match for her because I too think that he loved her and accepted her for who she was in her new body.


Looks like many of us are in agreement that Don was NOT the best person for her. When Julia's brain was placed in Mary Frances' body; combining those two elements Julia became a different person no matter how many times they tried to convince her otherwise. Even her parents (which I can understand)didn't know how to react. We saw them about three times, and the last time, they weren't really able to accept their daughter was still alive.

Poor Jack was just confused during the whole movie (which again is understandable) and wanted her back to be Timmy's mom and his lover(just like before). It amazing how when he finally managed to get close enough to her, he discovered that she wasn't his wife. I think it would have taken more than just that, but since we really didn't have time to tell that angle I guess they did the best they could.

But yes, I believe that the Doc would have been the best choice for her. He loved her (although we aren't privy to why which means its not important) for who she was. I love the line: "It's not you I don't trust."

One can only pencil in a better ending.

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