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Is this the movie with the thumbtacks?

Does this movie have a scene where someone throws thumbtacks at the bottom of the skate park bowl and then the main characters goes to perform some stunts and injures himself on the thumbtacks? If not, does anyone know what movie I am referring to?



Yes, this is the one. But I thought they looked more like jumping jacks than thumbtacks.


holy crap! I have been looking for this movie for over 10 years!

I saw this movie as kid with my older brothers. I'm sure I wasn't older than 10 (I was born in '85, but back in the day movies took a few years to reach Europe). The thumbtack scene is one of the few that stuck in my head, as well as when he escapes on top of the bus!

Everyone kept pointing me to Gleaming the cube, but I have finally found it, in part to your post! Thank you very much!