FInally just watched this movie and I think I ran the gamut of emotions. In the first 20 minutes I was ready to give up, then the film just got really funny, and by the final 45 minutes I was enthralled. Something about the pacing of this film was just intriguing to me. It's a weird kind of meditation that allows you to project your own past into what you are watching.

Ross McElwee is like this weird mix of Michael Moore (who I now see who his inspiration was) and Woody Allen. Sure he's annoying and weird, but he's annoying and weird like all of us are but are to afraid to show.

This film was great. I went in with high expectations, that at the beginning seemed impossible to live up to, but once this thing got going...WOW.


Agreed...although 4+ years after your post. It's a wonderful meditation, caught on camera.