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McElwee's march of his women

Just want to list them in order of appearance since IMDb cast did not list them at all.

Karen #1
Karen #2

I believe that's the list. Your favorite?


Pat's exercises fascinated me.



She was the hottie - good looking and 'up for it' ("I'm not wearing underwear"!!!)

But she was self-obsessed and compelled to follow her own star - including her center-of-a-cult-like 'script' (see the her references to being a martyred, 'floating head') - she was a sexy Jim Jones / L. Ron Hubbard in the making!

My advice - hump her and go!

Quickly! QUICKLY!!!


Charlene. (the woman who was trying to fix up Ross w/ Didi)


[quote]"...and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped."


What an hilarious, messy, amazing, meta, crazy film. What a great surprise. So many funny moments, so many crazy characters.


Pat (the aspiring actress trying to use a contact to get into a Burt Reynolds movie) - Narcissist, plus she's unable to break things off from an abusive boyfriend (pushes her, threatens to throw her out a six-story window). This is a terrible prospect for a relationship. I can see why her parents were trying to fix her up with someone else though.

Claudia (recently divorced interior designer connected with survivalists) - Seemed like a nice person, although the survivalist connection is a bit odd. It didn't look like she was interested in a relationship, at least not with Ross. Move on.

Winnie (linguist living on isolated island) - She was the most fascinating personality of the bunch. She makes for an interesting prospect for a long-term relationship; there's the possibility there of a very intellectual and unusual life path for a guy who would be open to that.

Jackie (nuclear activist) - Solidly grounded person, who would make for a good relationship opportunity. Except that she's about to move across the country and already has a boyfriend, that is.

Dee Dee (guitar-playing Mormon) - She's looking for a man in the LDS church. Avoid.

Joy (bass and vocals) - Another keeper (talented and a nice personality), but she was destined to head off to NYC to try to make a success of herself there. (And it looks like she was able to at least eke out a living there,

Karen (old flame, reconnecting with her boyfriend) - This was pathetic, with Ross hanging around while she's rekindling her relationship with another guy. Show some self-respect, guy, and just leave already.


The best woman for Ross would have been Karen the attorney. It's too bad she wasn't available.


Lotta good hoes


I don't remember a Karen #1. The first woman was Mary, the fashion model. Ross talks about her in this interview:

Another instance of this is when I'm talking to Mary, the fashion model, near the opening of the film. I haven't seen her since we were kids. We start off talking about something very superficial--when we used to play Superman--then the conversation turns to her kids, then to her feelings about divorce. Again, it's all one shot and you can track the development of the dialogue in her eyes. There's a moment of real sadness there that to me is absolutely amazing.