The End

Can somebody paraphrase for me what happens at the end of the movie? I would really appreciate it, thanks.


Basically, Nola decides she's happy with who and what she is and decides she's better off without Jamie.


And that she'll continue to go humping from
bed to bed.



Nola Darling moves to the RED HOOK SUMMER(2012) projects. She has a mental breakdown(aka'Z $piral$/$nap$/i$$ue$/hot me$$ epi$ode$/problem$) & becomes UNIQUA(aka Chris's(oops)Nino Brown's Ride or Die B!tch) & after Nino's demise(for tax evasion??? or drug beatdowns??? the judgement/jury is still out on that 1) she goes back to the HOOK(not to hook) but to become a WATCHTOWER toting JEHOVAH's Witness(aka MOTHER DARLING)!!! I wonder??? does she have any CAT's???

--- --- ---
Freaks---French Morocco(oops)Montana ft. Niki M.(as the freak of the week???)

...Girl take pride in what U wanna do even if that means a new man everynite inside of U...(kind words??? of encouragement from the Weekend(singer)for all the promiscuous, adult actress, & the girlfriend experience(2009) T.Y.P.E.S. out there)

Supa Freak---Young Jeezy ft. 2 Chainz(eXplicit OR instrumental???---WTF!!!)

Promiscuous Girl---Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland

Charlotte---Fort Apache the Bronx(1981)

Chantal---Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.(1992)

...I was headed to church...I was off to drink U AWAY...

Hookers at the Point(2002---Documentary)