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Why Is It Not Possible To Buy A Copy Of This Movie?

There are still copies of this movie out there that I know of because I remember watching this on Show time 21 years ago and then I was able to rent this from a video store at one time. Could the movie company have gone out of business and that is why they no longer make copies of this movie?

I mean if I could get my hands on a VHS version of this movie I would be very happy but what I do not understand is why doesn't another movie company buy the rights of this film and then make a DVD version out of this?

I would love to see this on DVD again. I hate it when they no longer have ways of buying these great cult classic movies. If you can find a copy then you are very lucky about that having a copy.


I only remember one part, but the more I think about that part the funnier it gets in my memory. It's the overly touch-sensitive girl. Loved the resigned look he had when he had to just give up on the whole thing.

It sucks you can't even find a digital copy on the internet. I've found lots of movies that never made it to DVD that were uploaded by awesome people who encoded them from their VHS copies. So there's always hope.

What gives me more hope is someone in another thread (might have been you) saying how there was a significant marketing campaign. Makes sense when you think about the title they went with, and it should also mean there are more than just the 4 people on this board that remember it.


I was in high school when I caught this on HBO, CINEMAX, or Showtime. It was a deal that came with a Pay Perview channel. I was a old school wrestling fan in the mid 80's. I remained a fan until Chris Benoit killed his son, wife, and himself. Yes it is sad that this was not on DVD. I have a VHS copy. It is ok, but not the best though.


Hey RobBase, it's on Hulu. I'm watching it right now...1130 on a Friday night, feels like I'm a kid again.