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Jim Belushi stunk up every scene he was in...

He kinda ruined it for me. I can't believe so many people liked this movie, i thought it wasn't very good, 'cept for the ending. Not my cup of tea.

Grade: D+.


Belushi was excellent, easily his best performance, he comes off as annoying in all of his other films and Stone takes advantage of that and gives him the role of his career by giving him a character that is more annoying than Belushi.

James Woods is amazing as well and the film is incredible.

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he was great. funny guy.

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I thought he was good in Salvador, but I'd tend to agree with the OP if he said it about most other stuff Jim Belushi has been in (I did like him in About Last Night as well, though).

What's funny to me is that I seem to remember that in the late '80s there was a popular idea (at least among some people I knew) that Jim Belushi's career might even eclipse that of his brother John (probably because he had been in critically acclaimed films like Salvador). It's hard to believe that anyone had that idea now. John Belushi didn't leave a large body of work, but what is there is mostly brilliant. Can't say that about Jim, by any stretch.

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good points. jim was also great recently in 'the ghost writer'.

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When I came across this film on cable tonight I almost didn't watch it when I saw he was in it. But I looked again and saw it was a serious film and am glad that I watched it.

I never thought Jim B. was that funny. He's mostly unnoticeabble in this film, not enough to ruin for sure.


Belushi's other masterful performance was in About Last Night...


I thought he was great in it.

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He made it watchable .

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