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The same story as Courage Under Fire?

I remember seeing this one on TV in the late 80's, enjoying it very much. When Courage Under Fire came out I was surprised that nobody mentioned Resting Place. I think that Courage under Fire should be called a remake of Resting Place -- they are similar enough, although they changed "the black man into a woman".

Does anyone agree? Maybe I don't remember it correctly (?).



You are spot on...I thought the same thing.


Indeed, when i watched this (after watching CUF) I was startled by the similarities, and personally I enjoyed this more, but then again I was surprised with the similarities between Liberty stands still and phonebooth which in my opinion was an overrated [email protected]$t remake of a fantastic and too often forgotten film. Such a shame how things like this get brushed under the multi billion dollar rug of hollywood.

If everyone takes an eye for an eye, the whole world will become blind.


for lenaforsgren; it's SIMILAR only in that the main character is investigating the circumstances in the death if a soldier and in that alone. In this movie, as i recall, the investigating officer is trying to determine if the fallen soldier is elligable to be buried in a National Cemetary with full military honors, wereas in Courage Under Fire the fallen soldier is already buried and the officer is investigating her death to verify a Medal of Honor recomendation.


I just watched this this evening.

" ... as i recall ... " You don't recall correctly. The fallen soldier's family is attempting to have him buried in a regular cemetery that is segregated. He's also up for a Silver Star. That's part of the the main character's investigation and he conducts it by interviewing his former platoon, all of them unwilling, and all of them reeling off a rehearsed BS story that both covers up the platoon's wrongdoing and minimizes the Lt.'s heroism. He finally gets through to one of them and the truth comes out in the end, as well as Lt. Johnson (fallen soldier in question) getting his Silver Star. Lt. Johnson got screwed in life and death due to his race, the Meg Ryan character had the same thing happen due to gender. Regarding " ... if the fallen soldier is elligable to be buried in a National Cemetary with full military honors..." ANY soldier, sailor, marine, or airman/woman killed in battle is eligible to buried in a National Cemetery with full miliatry honors.

Sound "similar" Courage Under Fire to anyone? Sounded WAAAAYY similar to me.


Sure it has similiarities, but they're different enough films that I think both are original in their own ways. CUF Also had the Col's side story where he has to confront the fratricide that occurred under his command when he was a tank commander.

Resting Place was a very good movie, with a good plot that keeps you wondering until the end. The racial issue seems a bit dated now, but you have to keep reminding yourselves this was the early 70s south.

It also got a lot of the military eccentricities correct, even in the final memorial scene. I appreciated attention to subtleties.