What's up with that little vest Kevin Bacon is always wearing? It's gay and pointless.


You are outta your mind. He wore that vest like a fu$&/ng boss. That is why KB is the man! The movie is almost 30 years old and o still think it looks cool as sh!t.

Honestly, I always got the impression it was originally from one of his three piece suits. Maybe he rocks the vest as a reminder of the shame he feels when he hurt his father/ family from his ego driven life as a day trader. Also it serves him to remember that his stint as a messenger is temporary and eventually he needs to get back to his life.

Sorry to get deep but I think that's what the movie was going for but fell flat. Their was too many little subplots going on that took away from an otherwise interesting and worthwhile story.


80's dude.......80's.

And apparently you were OK with Terri's three-sizes-too-big Army jacket?

Whose idea was it for the word "Lisp" to have an "S" in it?


Hey cincy thanks for the explanation of the vest it makes sense now. You seem very passionate about Kevin Bacon and Quicksilver. That's cool.

And apples I'm not OK with Terri's oversized army jacket. Not sure why you assumed that.