NY or SF? How about LA!

There are a number of posts on this board attempting to determine whether this movie takes place in New York or San Francisco. But there's one clue (an actual landmark) everyone has overlooked.

For reasons I've never been able to understand, right before Jack has his final showdown with Gypsy, there's a scene where all the action stops and Jack is suddenly staring at a mural on the side of a building. Suddenly motivated, he climbs back on his bike and the chase resumes.

The mural is "The Isle of California", and it's on the side of the Village Recording Studio in West Los Angeles. It's still there today, but it's VERY faded as it was originally painted in the early 1970's. For those wishing to make pilgrimages, the address is 1616 Butler Avenue, just off Santa Monica Blvd.

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As far as the city the film is located in, I think the filmmakers were content to have it be a blend of NYC, LA and SF. This film was so poorly made, I honestly think the 1980s audience wouldn't even notice. That's the level of filmmaking the 1980s moviegoer was accustomed to.