love this movie...

Goodness, I have been watching this movie all week(even a VHS copy), I need to get the DVD!
I didn't see this movie in its theatrical run, but I love this as I am a guy who grew up in the 80's. Love the jeep cj7(i own one), the Thompson Twins title song(great fan of their music).
One of Tom Hanks earlier roles(some of the best). And to top it off, great scene locations in Chicago(before movies had to go to Canada to save money)!
I will second the fact that Sela Ward is a hottie. The only thing that would have topped it would have been to costume her in one of those 80s leather power suits(the one's with the shoulder pads!) If you look close in a scene in Basner's apartment you can see her in a pair of leather pants. Yummie, loved the 80s!!!