bulging eyes bus driver

About 70 minutes into the film the frat guys are riding in a bus to a party, the bus driver swerves to avoid a dog in the road and as he plunges the bus into a truck there's a couple frames that's zoomed in on the bus driver's face, it kinda looks animatronic and his eyes bulge out super large and green. Anyone know the story behind this? I'm guessing it's just supposed to freak you out in general. It happens so quickly that I think if you saw it in the theater you wouldn't be sure what you saw, you'd just be creeped out.


I watched this last night and had to rewind and slow mo forward that part. It was a wasted effect, far too fast for any impact (see what I did there :D ) I think the driver was just supposed to look very surprised.


George Miller used a very similar effect at the climax of Mad Max (the first movie).

The villain crashed head on into the front of a semi-truck, and there was a very quick insert of his bulging eyes popping out. It was also animatronic and did not really look that convincing, but it was so quick it didn't really need to be. It did the job.

Check it out here at 3.38