Shocking movie !

Hi there!

How are you ?

I'm joking you know but I think the movie is shocking actually but it is more silly than shocking! ;)

Actually I remember having seen the half of the movie in my classroom yeeeears ago (1989), because a classmate brought the tape after our teacher told us to bring something we could watch together at school.

We were teenagers but personally I was not used to that "kind of movies" :p

We started the movie and after 30 minutes, our teacher was shocked so she stopped the movie and askey "do your parents allow you to watch that kind of movies ?" My answer was no by the time but I admit I had fun watching it :p

I never saw the second half but.. months ago I ordred a VHS on e-bay and I'm going to watch it soon :) It's going to be fun!

I know, the movie is verrrrry cheap and almost ridiculous not to say stupid, but if you are conscious that it is silly it not as bad as if you are not ;)

Lazemby in that movie, what a shame Mister Bond!

John Stamos, nothing to say about him.. He's okay.

Ok, I'm maybe going to watch it tonight and I will post another review more than 10 years after I saw the first half!

Have a nice day.

*Lord of Movies*



Hey Wuhrer36d.

How are you ?

The teacher didn't know the movie at all so that's why she trusted my classmate, but she stopped it when she realized what kind of movie it was. She didn't even see the cover of the tape :)

Ridgemont High ? lol Nope.

I think she stopped the movie after 20 or 30 minutes, I don't remember.

Have a nice day man.

*Lord of Movies*


We saw Scarface at our school once, but the teacher stopped Porky´s two minutes in. There are some priorities for you...


Lol! Morning wood does have a way of generating giggles in adolescents!

** C'mon, cheeks, stay together! **