OK, since it seems like many of us are asking about song titles, I just skimmed the credits and got the full official list of tracks used in this cheese ball of a flick. Here they are:

1) Ralph E. Boy + Major Catastrophe - Stay and Burn
2) Tommy Lee Bradley - Stargrove
3) Minor Messages - I'll Find You
4) Minor Messages - Spotlight
5) Robby Weaver - Fire Up the Night
6) Dee Dee Bellson - It Could Be You
7) Iren Koster - Never Too Young to Die

(all writted by Iren Koster)

Now we just need to find them!!! Specifically if anyone has Dee Dee Bellson's "It Could Be You". Thats the song that plays during the epic steamy Stamos/Vanity scene. The only track I have is Tommy Lee Bradley's "Stargrove" theme. PM me if you want it.


For someone who took time to set this up for everyone ~ surprised you calling this film a 'cheese ball of a flick'.

I personally don't recall this movie too well but a scene came up in my mind that involved Gene's character and Vanity. So was interested in what other things I may have forgotten about this film. Looking over your soundtrack listing ~ a bit shocked that Vanity didn't add a song on this movie.

Poop in his hand ... Poop in his hand


Do you still have that Stargroove theme, I would love to have it :)



Upload the Stargrove theme to youtube 

And yeah I wish Vanity had contributed a song or two like The last Dragon and Action Jackson. Hot damn she was fine as (beep)!

Come, Fly the teeth of the wind! Share My Wings. 