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Heisenberg inspired by this film?

I watched this before and after Breaking Bad and the guys seem so damn similar that it's scary. I wonder if Bryan Cranston has ever seen this film. And do you think he also had a brain tumor? Wait, Walter White did have a brain tumor, right?

It also has one of the funniest scenes in movie history I think. When Harrison Ford's character makes it back to his family with that crazy hair and the church engulfed in flames behind him and he holds that gas can up and says "don't worry, I got some gas!" then sorta under his breath he adds "I guess I must have spilled some.". I mean come on, that's comedy gold.

Anyway, I just gotta say this is truly an amazing movie for many reasons.

"the day I tried to live, I learned that I was alive"


pretty sure Walter white had lung cancer.