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I used to hate this movie so much, until I "got" it

You might want to contrapose seeing this movie with seeing a
documentary called "the End Of Poverty".

That explains why the movie is called "The Mission" ... because
the mission is really to destroy other people's cultures, to take
them away from the land that is theirs, and make them dependent
on having a slave wage job and having to degrade themselves to
keep from dying as rebels or criminals. Not to mention being
forced to see the God of the West and bow to it, in the way the
West wants them to.

People are right about what the movie portrays, but I think they are
wrong in how they evaluate it or if they think it is in support of that.
The movie shows you viscerally how disgusting the American
system is ... it is subversive, a stab at the heart of colonialism and
and expose of what it is and how it works.

The documentary "The End Of Poverty" is very well told story of
how colonialism, genocide and slavery has worked and how it is being
shifted an expanded via lies, and now today we see that lie being
used to enslave and set apart Americans from the rest of the
Western developed societies.

We pretend that for White people there is salvation in racism,
while using racism to keep the minorities down and get cheap labor,
but the losers are the white people, and they are killing themselves
and becoming demoralized because they cannot undersatnd what
is happening to them - they are being nativized ... white Americans
are no longer needed except for their votes. They cost to much to
employ, they are uneducated, too stupid to vote for their own good,
and too selfish to vote for the common good, but there is nothing else
for them in the fantasy world they have chosen to accept and live
in from the right wing think tanks.

This is a brilliant movie - I am sorry I did not really get it when I
saw it ... it was too far out for me at the time.