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Worst pacing in cinematic history

This is the only film I've ever been literally bored out of my mind while watching. Absolutely nothing happens for 90% of the film. It could have been a 15 minute long film if they cut out all the scenes that contribute absolutely nothing to the film (such as the first entire hour).


Go back to GODZILLA then



inb4 "go back to transformers xD"

Yeah, the pacing was off. Films like Stalker and Nostalghia which I love have much less happening but don't seem nearly as boring. In fact, I like movies where nothing happens. This one just had all the pretensions of an epic but was too caught up in the complexity of politics and religion to go for either.


I agree, the pacing in this film was off. The first segment, with Mendoza's redemption, was moving, despite De Niro looking a bit out of place. But the middle segment was poorly paced and talky. It just seemed to forget its characters at that point, and seemed to rely on political machinations and beautiful scenery to get by. The last segment had some powerful moments, but its impact was diluted by a very badly choreographed final battle and I don't think the middle segment did enough to build the necessary emotions.


The real problem isnt pacing, it is the lack of dialogue. As this is more of an artistic film, it can get away with it---however there is a distinct lack of characterization for secondary characters...we need to have a few subtitles to show what the natives are sayings at times, and a few scenes between the natives and the missionaries, as well as between Mendoza and the other missionaries.


I put it down after 40 minutes.

Religious pictures (people, places, music, books...) aren't my bag, so I didn't expect to like it, but the music and cinematography prove themselves from the first minute of the film, so I stayed on to see if I could make it, but dropped off after 40 minutes. Terrible casting of the lead role made it impossible for me to enjoy.

I understand why other people love it, though, and the acclaim is deserved in many areas.


This is not a film for the blockbuster crowd.

Its that man again!!


The Mission is a weak movie. The pacing is bad and overall pretty boring. It has the same feel as Out Of Africa which is also very over rated.

And no - I dislike most action movies. I watched J' Accuse the same day as The Mission. J' Accuse is a quality artistic film - The Mission isn't

The Mission - 3 /10
J' Accuse - 7 / 10


A 3/10 is a ridiculously low rating for a film such as this. Sorry, but you need to reevaluate.

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i got to agree as i just attempted to watch the movie for the first time and it's pretty boring overall as i only made it 1hr20min into it before turning it off as i was not going to waste any more of my time watching the last 40min considering my interest in it is mostly zero a large portion of what i did see as the first 30minutes or so are dull then gets a bit better here and there and then back to boring status.

boring is the worst crime a film can commit in general as it's pretty much the polar opposite of enjoyable/entertaining which is the purpose of watching movies.

usually though... if i find a movie completely boring for the first 40minutes or so ill just simply turn it off as this movie was not far from that status but around a half hour into it my interest started to increase some to a watchable level but that did not last long and went back to boring status and enough was enough at that point.

also, before anyone tells me to 'go watch Transformers' etc ill say i am a 36 year old male and while i do like simple action movies here and there there are some movies that are slower paced that i think are solid movies. check my Top 100-ish movies (the link in my signature below) as that should give you a pretty good idea on my overall tastes in movies as i would have to assume there is definitely some movies in my Top 100 that would appeal to plenty of people as i ultimately rate movies based on how enjoyable they are to watch for me and the further they get away from that the lower the rating.

p.s. for the record... my Top 100-ish movies covers all movies i gave a SOLID 8/10 or higher to which currently is 97 movies.

This is the only film I've ever been literally bored out of my mind while watching.

while i don't stumble into movies i can't finish too often it does happen here and there for me and this is one of those movies.

my rating scale in basic terms...

10 = About as much as i can enjoy a movie
9 = Nearly as much as i can enjoy a movie
8 = Memorable
7 = A Solid Thumbs Up
6 = A Mild Thumbs Up (My minimum score to re-watch a movie)
5 = Average/Forgettable (Thumbs Down)
4 = Below Average
3 = Failure and/or Boring
2 = Failure and/or Boring
1 = Abysmal/Hate

for measure... most movies i see get a 5/10 with a 6/10 being the next most common.

for the record... i ultimately rate movies based on how much i enjoy them. the further they get away from that, the lower the rating.

p.s. only 51 movies (so far) out of the 1,900+ total movies i have seen managed to get a 9/10 or 10/10 rating from me. also, only about 259 movies managed to get a 7/10 or higher from me.

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I remember the first time I tried to watch this movie, it was probably 1987 on VHS. I didn't get very far. I tried to watch it again maybe 10 to 15 years later, and again I doubt I made it past 30 minutes. I recently stumbled across the blu ray and watched the whole thing in one sitting over the weekend. It was slow and ponderous at times, but it held my attention. Pretty sure my change in attitude towards religion and capitalism over time is part of the reason it didn't bore me so much now.


I wouldn't say it was the worst, but yes it did drag a bit at times.

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