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the best animal movie ever

i have watched this movie back when i was only 13 in 1990 and never forgot it,
i purchased the DVD at last and watched again...

this is the very best movie ever made of animal killers to me.

the fact the monkey/chimp/orangutan share 95% of the human dna make them incredibly similar to a human being, watching LINK eyes and expressions, what he did i never felt he was an animal (so to say).

ive seen tons of animal killers and this is my number 1 of all time!

also the fact this doesnt rely on CGI and while unlikely it could be a real situation, where someone end up with an ape gone mad and chased around, there are no monsters, just the expressions of LINK are scary by themselves.



So very true. I've also seen tons of killer animal films, but none was filmed as convincingly as this. This film builds its suspense gradually, developing its human and animal characters before turning the tables and introducing the elements of terror.

I'm sure that even working with trained chimps has its problems, but the result is flawless. Just the look in the ape's eyes while Elisabeth Shue is trying to prepare for a bath was enough to creep me out.

Can you imagine how obnoxious this film would be today with the CGI and the quick cuts? It wouldn't have the depth or the terror of this film, and it wouldn't be nearly as fun either. Excellent cinematography as well, with the cool aerial shots of the house, the cliff and the ocean.

"Link" is even better than the wild bear movie "The Edge," and Elisabeth Shue is even prettier than Alec Baldwin!


It is a good film. The primate apes were as good as the human actors!

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The film starts off well and cheerful, but then steadily loses its intrigue and eventually goes berserk by running it through a slasher formula. It's too bad because the film is well made (the sceneries are quite attractive)and acted. A film could have been made about living abroad and living and interacting with chimps(this was the direction the film was heading towards, which would have been a much better premise), but not here.

This is exploitative trash. It's morally corrupt because it depicts, tarnishes, and manipulates such magnificent, beautiful, and harmless creatures as blood thirsty monsters, doing things only a thug or slasher character would do, to the extent that its actions seemingly justify its ultimate death. It's sick. The filmmakers had the resources for a good film. The locations and actors were perfect. The script and execution were sleazy.

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I saw this fine thriller during its theatrical release in 1987. The audience loved it, although I have to say I could relate to Link more than to, say, dr Phillip (Stamp). I read somewhere that the Orang Utan (wood man) who played Link was called Locke. The guy had total charm!

And as I was 22 years old, I didn't mind watching with Link how Jane (Shue) prepared for a bath. O.k., the victims didn't deserve their fate, but we were all sad when Link died.
Don't mess with the animals, my parents, aunts and uncles used to say. Half a century ago they lived in Indonesia, close to the jungle.

I also read that there are two versions. I live in Europe, and remember having seen Terence Stamp in more scenes than just nine minutes.

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If this is the best -i would hate to see the worst!!

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The animal's acting work, especially that of Locke (Link) is brilliant, but the film itself is dreadful. It doesn't seem to know whether it wants to be a comedy, or a serious horror film and Jerry Goldsmith's score doesn't help proceedings at all, with this weird little disco/synth hybrid soundtrack. Seriously, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.🐭