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I did a marathon with Labyrinth

I also did it with The Wizard Of Oz, Alice In Wonderland 2010, and Star Wars Force Awakens titled When A Girl Goes On A Journey. Check out my blog.

I do movie marathon blogs as well with the new films I catch in theaters sharing them on here, facebook, and twitter. If you guys like reading review or blogs, enjoy


You could watch it back to back with either Pan's Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal.

"Metallica loves Ponyville!"


Disappointing. I saw this and thought I was going to read an inspiring story of how you'd ran a marathon listening to the movie's audio.

Turns out you just sat on your couch watching a ton of dvds back to back.



I ran a marathon, well more like slowly jogged one, a few years back. Maybe if I'd had Labyrinth as musical accompaniment, I'd have done better.

In fact, I might try that next time I go for a long run. Play the entire Labyrinth soundtrack.