Richard Pryor

It's... sad to see such slim Richard Pryor pickings on this film or his life here -- so I will just take some time here, to share some memories inspired by this film, his performances, and of the inspiration that a performer can have.

My two favorite comics are primarily Richard Pryor and Woody Allen, who have graduated into some terrific films. I grew up on that great work when I was a kid and was really spoiled on it.

I have a few early Richard Pryor tapes of his live acts, and then when this movie was released (admittedly, I only saw it on cable) it was fun to see him get the chance to recreate the events I had heard about, namely the famous "Paycheck Confrontation Scene"! I think he had changed the name to 'Satin Doll' for the movie, though.

Although we seem to hear many stories of struggle from a poor childhood and then finding success with a rise and fall, in this movie, we get to see some pretty clever moments as well as some great ones with the Alter Ego.

In high school theater, I did his Impression of a Baby Being Born from the movie and that was a big hit! Mr. Pryor had an amazing range of miming, characterization and timing, perhaps best exemplified in "Richard Pryor Live In Concert", but in that single scene, we get it full blast, no words needed.

For anyone who is a fan of Richard Pryor and his work, give it another viewing, especially now, when so much seems to rely on shock value....