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Richard I will miss you-Kiblena / Joy Dancer

How do I begin? You are an amazing human being. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with you. It was great playing your daughter Joy in Jo Jo Dancer Your Life is Calling. You are a true genius and you will always be in the hearts of many who held you so high. I love you, Richard and I will never forget you. You're in a better place now, someday we will meet again. You always kept it real. I admire you like no other.

Kiblena Peace


Thats wonderful Kiblena. I dont normally cry when famous people pass on, but when Richard passed on, I shed a tear or two in his memory.

I grew up watching and listening his movies and stand-up routines and he mad eme laugh like no other comic ever had, and only a handful have done since.

The world needs more people like Richard Pryor, and we lost a great one when he passed away last year.

Thanks for letting us read words of inspiration from somebody that actually knew Richard.

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I consider myself fortunate for growing up watching him, but you were even more blessed because you were given the chance to know the man away from the limelight. If he was anywhere near as special there as he was to his audience, then you had a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I envy you.

There will never be another Richard Pryor.


we never realize what we have until it's gone. i cried when richard died, and i still get teary when i think of him. this movie was very depressing to me, but i'm happy in the fact that richard is now in a peaceful place.


I cried many times during this movie, I think mostly when you were told you wouldn't get to go see him in the hospital. Honestly.

Yesterday and today, I watched his concert videos. The man was a comic genius. Personal pain breeds comedy, they say. This movie forced me to look back on my own life. I should be pretty funny, myself.

Incidentally, I thought you were SO CUTE!