Funniest Comedian ever !!!!!!

Enough said

"Fuggedabout Joe the Plumber, what about Don the Jeweler?".


I dont know if he is THE FUNNIEST but hes right up there with the greatest, personally i think the greatest comedians (in no particular order)

George Carlin
Richard Pryor
Bill Hicks
Lenny Bruce
Mitch Hedberg
Chris Rock
Jim Norton
Eddie Murphy
Rodney Dangerfield
Paul Mooney
David Cross

The people listed above are TRULY funny, original and creative comedians, its debatable which one is the best because they all have good aspects to each of them but each one of comedians are truly special to me.

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The funniest comedians do not have to go blue. But among those who pushed the envelope, Pryor was a legend.

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