Loved this flick!!

And Wayne Crawford looking all ruggedly handsome. *grin* Love those action heroes.

I especially liked the scene where Margaret is trying to alert Jake and Des to the two baddies hiding - and they pay her no mind, until, in desperation, she blurts out, "I bet you two are queer for each other!"

They both look at her like she's completely lost it. She has this scared expression on her face, "pointing" at the two bad guys with her eyes. FINALLY they get it!

Awesome stuff!

-- Jen


I loved this movie as well. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before - yes it was an action rescue movie which has been done and redone forever but this movie was smart and it had heart. One scene in particular is when Jake, Des and the girl needed a jeep and they had no way of getting one, and Jake said you've got to have faith and poof, they got a jeep. A jeep literally fell out of the sky. That scene and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many more has stuck with me.

The other movie that has stuck with me was Falcon's Gold or Robbers of the Sacred Mountain starring Simon MACCorkindale. That and Jake speed shaped the landscape of my mind when I was a teenager.

Wayne Crawford, thank you for Jake Speed!