Quotes of Jake Speed

Just thought I would write along while I watching the NEW DVD of Jake Speed(SD)

Grandpa on heroes "They Defeat Evil where it exists."

Margaret's friend in parking garage "At least he(grandfather), believed in something." "Who are our Heroes?"

JS "If it were about the money, I'd be working for the wrong side most of the time."

JS "If you want something bad enough, you get it."

Margaret "There are poisonous snakes around here?"
JS " There's gotta be if you look hard enough."

JS " Ah Come'on kid, snap outta it... Why do you think bad things happen anyway, so you have something good to look forward to."

JS "When you're right, nothing can happen to you."

Desmond "Why doesn't she believe us, we believe that's why we win."

JS "Hey I wasn't talking to you ASSEARS!"

JS "Evil may triumph, but never conquer."

JS "Heroes don't die."