We need a Sequel!

We need more Jake! So we’ve seen another Die Hard movie, another Rambo movie, another Indiana Jones movie, and remakes of every stupid TV show ever, where is Jake Speed? This movie was without questions the greatest action movie of the 80’s, it had more heart and humanity than all the rest.

I want to know where Jake and Des are now. We need to see a “retired” Jake called back into action one more time for a mission only he could complete. We need to see H.A.R.V. destroy a Hummer. And we need to hear that wonderful score by Mark Snow while our favorite “boy scout” does things the hard way, just cause it reads better. Jake Speed 2 is a movie that needs to be made.

And lest anyone think I am remembering this movie through rose-colored glasses - I sit down at least once a month and watch Jake Speed, I have done this since 1987, and I will continue until I have a sequel to watch every other month.

Thank you Jake (Mr.Crawford) for all you have given us.



"Never shoot at the wrong guy..... It's not our fight....... That's not the way I work !!!"

Ahhhh.. Prune Juice ... A WARRIOR'S drink.


Despite the hype this did not even manage to reach cultish levels. I doubt there will be a sequel.

Its that man again!!


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