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Love Jake Speed!! Just got it on DVD!!! Have Question...

Loved this movie, used to come on HBO or Showtime like everyday!!!
The Character Jake Speed is awesome, none other like him in ANY movie!!
Some of the "one liners" if you really stopped and listened to them, they all had some positive uplifting vibe to them.(for a lack of better words).
Jake surrounds himself with positive energy, and turns lemons into lemonade!!

Anyways, was going back to all the 80's movies I liked, and checked out Jake Speed here on IMDB.. Decided to purchase a NEW DVD, to show my love for this movie!
Anyways, I was doing some research, and reading posts about Jake Speed(JS).
I came across some information about a JS book. It was written by a Ghost writer, Ironically named Reno Melon.
Found this on Amazon:

Wikipedia had this to say:
A novelization, written under the pseudonym Reno Melon, Jake and Des' writing nom de plume, was published on June 1, 1986 by Gold Eagle/Harlequin.

the ISBN # is(ISBN 0-373-62102-7).

There is also another book. Jake & Margaret go into the hotel rooms, and JS is sitting on the toilet, he is holding another JS book. Can figure out the name of this one.

Does anyone have these books? I would love to get my hands on this book.

Wayne, you happen to have a copy? :)

Thanks guys!!


No, I don't have a copy. Yes, there was a novelization of the film, but the book seen in the film was just a prop. Sadly, as the saying goes, "that's all she wrote."

Glad you enjoyed the film. Not perfect--but it has a big heart.



Hi Wayne,

I'm 44 years old and writing from Egypt, and two day ago, I got an itch to see Jake Speed again, so I'm working on that now. Meanwhile, I came over to IMDB to see how people had reacted to it since I loved it so much when I saw it as a kid, and was pleased to see that you'd been commenting on the board - since (especially now that I also noticed you'd written it!) it gives me the chance to say well done, and thanks :)

I've always loved this movie, I rented it when I was a kid, and then rented it at least another two times just because it was so great. Jake was wonderful, he was both heroic and completely human, and I loved him for it. I'm afraid I'll have to wait for another viewing to comment on anything else, cause age has taken it's toll, and I don't remember as much about it as I would've liked to, but hey - that's what re-discovering old favorites is all about. It's a bit sad to see that it's got such a low score on IMDB, on performance, charm, and script alone, I would've easily given it a 7.5 - but hey, it's a jungle out there :)

Thanks again, and yes - I've always loved the Jake Speed theme music, even now, after not having seen it for more than 20 years, I found myself whistling it while I'm writing this reply - pretty incredible since I didn't even realize I remembered it!

Best to you, and good luck with everything you do :)