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How were Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck such bad filmmakers?

And before you jokingly say, well "watch Howard the Duck and find out", I'm legitimately curious about this. I mean before Howard the Duck, they made Best Defense with Dudley Moore and Eddie Murphy. Best Defense is infamous in that the studio offered Murphy a shitload of money to "rescue" the movie (basically, the movie initially wasn't going to involve him at all) after poor test screenings.

I really don't know if I should look at Katz and Huyck as people who were simply hacks who just benefited from their association with George Lucas.


I don't understand how some people are allowed to make films in Hollywood. It's amazing how much money studios risk on poor directors and writers. The studios' attitude seems to be, "Well, if they prove to be shit, we'll take away final cut and completely change the film, wasting lots of our time and money." The vast majority of Hollywood pictures don't need a genius director to bring them alive, they just need a competent director and a good writer.

And as you say, even after people totally fuck up, they're given more chances. Are there so few decent film-makers around?