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This has to be one of the best stupid movies out there

But a 4.7? Come on! You have to rate a movie according to what it is, not against every other movie. Sure, it's no Godfather, but this movie absolutely succeeds in being completely moronic. And we all need some stupidity in our lives from time to time.

This movie is a solid 6!

I want the doctor to take your picture so I can look at you from inside as well.


At the time, my uncle was a regional manager for Burgerking, so we made him watch this with us. We all never laughed so hard. My uncle kept insisting (rather embarassingly) that, "that stuff doesn't actually happen at any of my stores" (even though it's a cheeseball, low-budget movie)

My aunt later went looking for a Hamburger cap at the local Walmart or GiantWay stores, for him to wear as a gag :(=)


James...You're glowing!!!!
Nah...It's just the pop rocks I just swallowed


Some stuff is funny in it, but I didn't care for every subplot, like Nacio acting like a chicken and laying an egg. Also, if a business was really run the way Vunk had it, would it be successful? I think not. You can't act mean to customers and of course, he passes them just because Sister Sara came up with a slogan for the chicken line despite them destroying the franchise. Okay, it wasn't their fault, but when he sees the destruction, he cannot overlook it.